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     The premier silkied serama breeder in the U.S.

1000 +  Master Breeder points
...all accumulated with homebred serama....over a decade of breeding quality serama.

 I have many birds for sale--both silkied feather and traditional feather.  All colors.   
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2nd and 3rd Place


BEST IN SHOW                                                                                                 

2013 Cajun Classic wins include...

2013 Champiom Silkied Male and Champion Silkied Female

2012 Cajun Classic wins include...

Best of the Best...Reserve Grand Champion of Show

2012 Cajun Classic wins
Best of the Best...Reserve Grand Champ of Show 
Champion Silkied Male
Reserve Champion Silkied Male
Champion Silkied Female
Champion Malay Female (Silkied)

Cajun Classic 2011 wins....

Champion Silkied Serama Cock and Champion Silkied Serama Hen

Cajun  Classic 2011 Reserve Chamion Silkied Serama Cock

Other home-breds...






June Suhm
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Breeder of 2013 SCNA Semi-Nat'l Silkied Champion Cock, now owned by Angel Howeland.

Breeder of 2013 ASA Nat'l Champion Silkied Cock, now owned by Jodi Forhan.

Breeder of  Best in Show Champion (white silkied), now owned by Anna Ballard.